GENSTONE: The Beauty of Stone Made Easy

Contractor Quality, DIY Friendly

GenStone stone veneer products were originally developed in 2002 to allow contractors and do-it-yourselfers the opportunity to improve the exterior look of buildings without the expense of a mason. Contractors, DIY homeowners, business owners and real estate developers are among those who have benefited from our panelized system which allows for low-cost ease of installation and low maintenance.

Product Overview

Desert Sunrise Full Panel
(7 Ft²)
Stratford Full Panel
(7 Ft²)
Keystone Full Panel
(7 Ft²);
Desert Sunrise ½ Panel
(3.5 Ft²)
Stratford ½ Panel
(3.5 Ft²)
Keystone ½ Panel
(3.5 Ft²)
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EVOLVE lumber products are composed of a blend of recycled pre-consumer/post-consumer and virgin high density polyethylene. Unlike wood-plastic composite (WPC), EVOLVE is 100% recyclable.

Product Information

Research, Innovation and Results

We set out to find an innovative material and engineers who could design a pre-engineered faux stone siding system to be manufactured at a state of the art facility. Our Goal Was to Create Authentic looking stone, rock and brick Durability you can count on for years to come Contractor quality materials Do-It-Yourself Friendly Installation Our Process As a result of countless hours of research and testing hundreds of prototypes, GenStone was created. Our goal was to create:

  • Authentic looking stone, rock and brick
  • Durability you can count on for years to come
  • Contractor quality materials
  • Do-It-Yourself Friendly Installation

  • Authenticity

    Authenticity has been one of the founding principles of GenStone since the very beginning. That’s why we cast every panel individually from real stone, rock and brick. This attention to detail gives our products the undeniable look and depth of authentic stone and brick siding at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

    Durability Testing

    One of the primary concerns of customers when considering faux stone siding is durability. To address those concerns, we sent our products to an independent laboratory to see how they stacked up against the lab’s most demanding tests. Wind, impact resistance, acid rain, fastener pull through and general durability were all measured. GenStone not only passed each test, but in most cases, exceeded the lab’s strictest requirements.

    25-Year Warranty

    We know we have to overcome the skepticism of consumers. They’ve long been disappointed in the durability of faux stone products. But as seen in our testing, GenStone’s durable stone siding offers impact and wind resistance never seen before in a faux stone application. Along with those proven results, GenStone products come with a 25-year warranty standard.

    Easy Installation

    Adding the look of stone to a home or business can be an intimidating project. That’s why we made things easy. Our products are specifically designed to give the customer control of the project. As seen in our installation videos, anyone with the ability to operate a hand saw and a screwdriver can install GenStone products quickly and easily. We are the first faux stone product to truly enter the do-it-yourself market.

    Savings and Value

    Before GenStone, installing stone, rock or brick was an expensive investment that required the skills and labor of a mason. With GenStone’s easy installation requirements and cheaper stone siding, you can cut those expenses from your budget without sacrificing the professional and authentic look of rock, brick or stone.

    Going Green

    Our building materials are manufactured with an eye on the environment. GenStone products’ impressive R-Value means we’re using only what we need and keeping energy consumption to a minimum. Our authentic faux stone also means we can offer the professional look of rock, brick or stone without depleting any mineral resources. GenStone continues to be a leader in the green market for consumers looking for an environment-friendly alternative.

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    Cozy upgrades for indoors or out.

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