Hidden Deck Fastening System

HID Fast®: The first hidden fastening system that easily and affordably attaches treated lumber, hardwood, cedar, composite or PVC deckboards directly to the substructure, creating a beautiful, fastener-free deck surface.

CAMO® Hidden Fastening System: From the deckboards to the substructure, trim and beyond, CAMO® provides easy and affordable fastening options. CAMO HAS YOU COVERED.

Product Overview

Available Products:

• HIDFast Fastening System
• 2-1/2" HIDFast Fastener Box (175ct. box) †
• 2-3/4" T&G HIDFast Fastener Box (175ct. box) †
• 3" HIDFast Fastener Box (175ct. box) †
• HIDFast Tool System Complete
• Compressor, Senco 1/2 HP Model PC1010
• HIDFast / Fasco Tool Rental per Day ‡
• HIDFast Carry Bag
• HIDFast Mallet

HID Fast Products

HIDfast is the fastest, easiest way to get a fastener free surface for a lasting, beautiful appearance. Patented, worry-free, stainless steel fasteners are collated for easy handling and quick loading. Patent pending pneumatic tool delivers precise, consistent, effortless, installation.

What makes the HID-fast system so fast? Pure and simple, there is NO hardware! No screws, no clips, no clamps. How about 30 seconds per board? If that sounds unrealistic, then you need to watch our videos and see for yourself. All you need is our pneumatic tool, a package of HID-fast fasteners, and a our rubber mallet that comes with the tool, and you're ready to go. Now you can install decking 5 times faster than conventional screws, or nails.

Camo Products

The CAMO Hidden Deck Fastening System works on any treated lumber, hardwood, cedar, composite, or PVC deckboard. CAMO deck screws and a CAMO Marksman tool combine to deliver a fastener-free deck surface at a price that makes getting the job easy and installing the deck even easier. The system includes:

  • CAMO Hidden Fasteners
  • CAMO Marksman and Marksman Pro tools
  • CAMO Driver Bits
  • CAMO Hidden fasteners were independently tested and exceeded Uplift Resistance industry standards in all solid and grooved wood, composite, and PVC boards tested. CAMO Hidden Fasteners also exceeded Thermal Cycling industry standards in all solid wood, composite, and PVC deckboards tested. CAMO offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty that guarantees against rust and corrosion for the life of the project.

Product Information

HID Fast Hidden Fastener System

  • HIDfast can install 8 boards 8 feet long in a little over 3 minutes.
  • Conventional 2-1/2" deck screws installed with a cordless driver, will install 1-1/2 boards in the same time as above.
  • HIDfast can be over 5 times faster than conventional screws.
  • HIDfast can do approximately 100 square feet in 10 minutes.
  • HIDfast can be over 80% faster than a conventional installation.
  • No visible fasteners in the surface of decking, for better appearance.
  • No surface fasteners that may pop up.
  • No surface penetrations that allow water in, causing rot, splitting and cracking.
  • Boards lock to each other and to the joist for the strongest frame possible.
  • Patented, strong worry free stainless steel fasteners.
  • Collated fasteners for easy handling, and fast loading.
  • Patent Pending pneumatic tool, for the fastest and easiest installation possible.
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Complete System

For all your deck installation needs

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Cuts installation time, increasing efficiency

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