30 Year Transferable Warranty

Palight Trimboard features a 30 Year transferable warranty. That’s a lot better than the wood you’ve been using—and most other PVC Trimboard brands too.

Product Overview

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Crown Profiles

3" Crown

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5" Crown

6" Crown

Rams Crown

Solid Crown

Casing Profiles

Base Cap

Brick Mold

Back Band

Rake Mold

ProFinish™ Moldings. When you want to highlight your passion for details. Whoever said “The devil is in the details” obviously never worked with ProFinish™ Moldings. Made from PVC, they're designed to last, so your exterior or interior trim job will be complete. With all the details that your customers desire.

Why switch to Palight PostWrap?

1. Unique 4-Piece Design with Grooved Corners: Enjoy faster, easier shimming and gluing than with awkward taped wraps – especially on out-of-true posts.

2. EverClean™ Protective Film: Leave it on until the job is done, then peel it off – and slash your post-job cleanup by 75% or more.

3. Superior Weatherability: Say goodbye to rot, bugs or moisture. And the smooth, durable surface eliminates the need to paint – though you can paint it if you want to. Each PostWrap kit also includes two pieces of Palight Trimboard to finish the top and bottom of each post. A wide variety of ProFinish Mouldings are available for the perfect finishing touch.

Manufactured by Palram as a value priced PVC Trim product with significant benefits over traditional wood trim. Made specifically for price-sensitive builders, contractors, or consumers who want to capture the many advantages of PVC trim in an economical product:

  • Rot, mold, and insect resistant
  • Virtually water proof
  • Resistant to splitting
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Allows direct contact with masonry
  • Available in a variety of dimensions for all types of applications
  • Available in dimensional boards, sheets, and corner boards

Palight Trimboard can be cut using the same tools used to cut lumber. Carbide tipped blades designed to cut wood perform well. Avoid using fine tooth metal cutting blades. Rough edges from cutting may be caused by excessive friction, inadequate board support, worn blades, or incorrect tools.


Whether your job requires a smooth, clean finish or a more rustic wood grain appearance, we’ve got your choice covered. But ours holds up a little longer, and with less maintenance.


Looking to create custom column wraps, light blocks, shutters, or other siding accessories? Mill Sand Colored Palight Trimboard and experience the benefit of a fully pigmented Trimboard.

Product Information


With more than 50 years manufacturing experience, we’re a world-leader in PVC building materials. In fact, other leading suppliers around the globe have relied on us to engineer and manufacture their products. Specializing in the production of PVC and Polycarbonate, Palram manufactures products used for construction, architecture, agriculture, graphics & display, and more. Made In America, Palram Ltd. is a global company with manufacturing and sales located around the world.

Palram Americas is based in the USA, and manufacturers Palight Trimboard in its Kutztown, PA production facility.

Why Palight® Trimboard?

  • Reliable product from a world leader in cellular PVC manufacturing
  • Cut it, shape it, fasten and paint it easily
  • Free foam PVC with smooth edges and consistent, uniform dimensions
  • Low maintenance—impervious to moisture, rot or insects
  • Long-lasting durability and beauty
  • Available in standard and ProFinish™ profiles
  • 30 year limited residential warranty

Sealed Edges and Protective Release Film. Standard.

Get protection. In a distributor’s warehouse. At the job site. All the way through installation. Get protection from dust, dirt, and abrasion. It comes standard with Palight Trimboard. Simply remove the protective release film after installation and let your work shine. Palight Trimboard also features sealed edges, making it easy to wipe away dirt and dust before, during and after installation.

Smooth or Wood Grain. White or Sand. The Choice is Yours.

Whether your job requires a smooth, clean finish or a more rustic wood grain appearance, we’ve got your choice covered. Our wood grain surface rivals that from Mother Nature herself. But ours holds up a little longer, and with less maintenance.

And while classic White is our most popular color, our new Sand color trim is gaining favor quickly with architects and builder who select more contemporary windows, doors and siding with earthtone colors.

What if you want Wood Grain, Smooth and Protective Film all in one product? You can have it!

Distributors and contractors love flexible inventory. Most consumers love to wait until the last minute to make a choice. That's why we make most of our standard trimboard profiles available with smooth finish on one side, and wood grain finish on the other. Smooth edges are included and both sides are protected by our exclusive protective release film.

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Smooth Finish

The smooth, durable surface eliminates the need to paint.

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Wide Variety

Made from PVC, they're designed to last

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