TRIMAX STRUCTURAL LUMBER: Who Knew Green Could Be So Strong?

Structural Components without the worry

TRIMAX is made from a patented blend of virgin and recycled pre-consumer/post-consumer high density polyethylene (HDPE) and a structural fiberfill strengthener. It is uniquely suited for outdoor applications that require superior strength, durability and resistance to even the most extreme weather conditions.

Product Overview


TRIMAX® Profiles

Pressure treated lumber has become a topic that is ever changing. First, in many years past, CCA (chromated copper arsenate) treated lumber was the answer. This was a durable treatment that would help the lumber weather the elements. Upon research and investigation, in December of 2003, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) banned the use of CCA treated lumber saying that other treatments are "safer." Now ACQ (alkaline copper quat) is recommended, but within one year, ACQ, due to the extremely high levels of copper has been found to corrode fasteners at an accelerated pace.

Available Colors:

Vintage Slate

Canyon Gray

Painted Desert

Rustic Red

Sizes Available:
3/4" x 7 1/4" Riser
3/4" x 11 1/4" Fascia

Available in 12', 16', 20' Lengths.

Product Information

TRIMAX as a deck board

TRIMAX Structural Lumber is a great fit for use as structure but because it is structural, TRIMAX is also a great fit for a deck board. TRIMAX manufactures boards that have varying thicknesses. Please refer to the chart below that shows the joist spacing that can be used for deck boards of varying thicknesses.

Using TRIMAX as a deck board is a great application for jobs that have joist spacing’s designed to accommodate wood. Most boardwalks that were built years ago are designed with 24" to 30" joist spacing. Now, for the first time, there IS a synthetic decking that works for these situations!

Is TRIMAX Structural Lumber truly structural?

TRIMAX Structural Lumber is a structural product. It is not an exact replacement for pressure treated lumber. The reason is the material is not as stiff as regular pressure treated lumber. The material can be used for joists, girders and posts, but precautions must be considered when completing the design.

Does TRIMAX Structural Lumber span as far as pressure treated lumber?

The typical answer is "no," it doesn't span as far, but substitutions can be made to compensate for this. For instance, if you are spanning a 2x6 in wood 7'-0" for a residential span, to do the same thing in TRIMAX, a 2x8 might need to be utilized instead of a 2x6. Please see span charts for spans exact to your condition.

Can you cut and drill TRIMAX Structural Lumber as you would pressure treated?

TRIMAX cuts and drills like pressure treated, only better. You do not have knots or cracks to work around, and after cutting, virtually no sanding is needed to get a smooth edge.

Is TRIMAX approved by my local building codes?

Currently, International Code Council is in the process of reviewing TRIMAX Structural Lumber. TRIMAX is the first material of its kind so approval of this takes some extra time. Another way to get your local codes to approve the product is to have a registered engineer stamp and seal the drawings. This removes the liability from the building codes and places it with the engineer. We have plenty of data online for the engineer to review to feel more then comfortable to stamp and seal drawings utilizing the TRIMAX Structural Lumber.

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Wetland Projects

TRIMAX Structural Lumber is a perfect fit for your dock or marina. TRIMAX can be used for pilings, joists, girders, decking and railing.

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Never again will you worry about maintenance issues with TRIMAX Structural Lumber.

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