Faster and Easier Footing System

Build decks and post frame buildings faster and easier on a solid footing. The FootingPad system’s design is lightweight, evenly distributes deck post loads, and saves hours of back-breaking work.

FootingPad - Cardinal Building Products
FootingPad - Cardinal Building Products
FootingPad - Cardinal Building Products

Structurally Sound and Code Compliant


FootingPads have been designed and engineered to replace concrete footings of equal diameter. They have been thoroughly tested by NTA Testing Laboratories and the ICC-ES Evaluation Services.


10″ & 12″ FootingPads will support a 4″ × 4″ or larger post. 16″ FootingPads will support a 6″ × 6″ or larger post. Allowable loads are controlled by the type of supporting soil.

Product Details


10 post holes

10 FootingPads 

10 lbs – Easy


  • No additional labor


  • No equipment rental


  • Easy to install


  • No wait time, construct same day


10 post holes

10 bags concrete

800 lbs – Hard


  • Messy broken bags


  • Labor to transport, carry, mix, and pour concrete


  • Potential equipment rental


  • 1 day lost with set time


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