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Screw Products, Inc. manufactures the Ultimate Star Drive Wood Screws, DeckLok – the Advanced Lateral Anchor, the Ultimate Hidden Deck Fastener & more!

Bronze Star Wood Screws


Corrosion-resistant Bronze Star drive general purpose AC257 compliant wood screws are for exterior and interior professional applications using soft woods, chipboard, hard woods, and other tough or treated materials. Triple coating has shown over 1200 hours of corrosion resistance in both ACQ and salt spray conditions. Bronze Star coating is compatible with pressure treated lumber and can be used with tannic wood, Cedar or Redwood.

Screw Products - Cardinal Building Products

  • Triple SKT11 exterior bronze coating on a high quality heat treated hardened steel
  • Deepest star drive on the market
  • Type 17 notched extra sharp point starts quickly without walking, reduces need for predrilling, cuts through composite materials on first rotation
  • Tiny cuts on threads cut through fibrous materials and greatly reduces the torque needed to drive the screw without affecting holding power
  • Knurled shoulder reams hole in board being fastened, reducing drag on shank and driving tool
  • High quality heat treated hardened steel. True flat head with 16 cutting nibs self countersinks and prevents spin-out
  • Free bit included in all packaging

Silver Star Stainless Steel Wood Screws


Silver Star stainless steel wood screws for use with all chemically treated materials, plywood applications, and all wood applications which are exposed to weather, high moisture, and other caustic conditions. Provides extra corrosion resistance and works excellent on projects where staining is required. Manufactured from the finest stainless steel alloys. Highest nickel content of the 18-8 stainless steels, delivers superior corrosion resistance, eliminates discoloration and staining around screw heads, and is unaffected by tannic acid and other extractives found in cedar and redwood.

Screw Products - Cardinal Building Products

  • True flat head with 5 cutting nibs is self countersinking and prevents spin-out
  • Type 17 point starts quickly without “walking” and significantly reduces splitting and drive torque requirements by removing wood from the hole as the screw penetrates instead of forcing the wood apart
  • Sharp threads and proper head angle cuts cleanly without crumbling or crushing, reducing splitting and cracking
  • Waxed & lubricated for easier driving
  • Free bit included in all packaging

C-Deck Star Drive Composite Deck Screws


C-Deck composite deck screws are built for interior and exterior use with wood, composite, and other plastic materials. These screws are specially designed to eliminate the mushrooming and blemishes that can occur on composite materials. They are also an excellent choice for wood decks, where the top threads work to pull down and hold warped lumber, and lock the boards together. A multipurpose fastener which meets the challenge regardless of the material used.

Screw Products - Cardinal Building Products

  • Redesigned to handle even the toughest new composite boards produced today
  • Starts easily and drives with less torque
  • Excellent for all decking applications – leaves a smooth, flush, countersunk finish
  • Coated & stainless steel versions available
  • Free bit included in all packaging

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Screw Products - Cardinal Building Products


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