KOMA Porch Flooring


KOMA Harmony porch flooring looks, feels, and works just like high quality wood, but is impervious to moisture, insects, and just about anything else nature can deal out.


Harmony porch flooring features an attractive, and very long-lasting surface the requires minimal maintenance.

KOMA Building Products Harmony Porch Flooring - Cardinal Building Products

Protected by Unique Celuka


KOMA PVC porch flooring won’t swell, rot, split, delaminate, cup, or craze, even under the harshest of conditions. The secret is a unique Celuka extrusion process that delivers the hardest surface in the industry, and the most exacting thicknesses ever manufactured. Celuka features the hardest, most durable surface of any cellular PVC product on the market, and the most exacting thicknesses ever manufactured. Your investment will be protected.

Product Details



  • 1 x 4 tongue and groove edges


  • Pre-sanded and ready to install; can be painted


  • Sanded surface requires no paint prep


  • UV-stabilized to reduce fading


  • Reversible – smooth or wood grain surfaces


  • Net thickness – 3/4″


  • Net width – 3 1/2″


  • Net face width – 3 1/8″


  • Factory cut boards in 8′, 10′, 12′ and 16′ lengths


  • 16″ O.C. Installation


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